August and Yale Smart Locks Will Soon Integrate with Philips Hue Lights

A man entering a well-lit home.

The best smart homes are ones where all the components work together and anticipate your needs. It’s no use having a smart light that stays on all day because it thinks you’re home when you’re not. Soon August and Yale locks will solve exactly that problem.

To take advantage of the new integration, you’ll need either a Yale or August smart lock installed and connected to your Wi-Fi network, and Philips Hue lights connected to the Philips Hue bridge. If you’re using a lock or lights that only communicate over Bluetooth, that won’t work.

But once you set everything up, you can create several integrations. Your lock can turn on your smart lights when you get home, or turn off when you leave (as indicated by locking and unlocking the door).

You can share access to your locks and include the light integrations, so when a guest arrives, they don’t have to search for a lightswitch. And when you leave home, your Philips Hue lights can simulate light activity to make it appear the dwelling isn’t empty.

The integration will arrive later this month and is a free update.

Source: August