Photos Show Apple Watch Prototype in iPod Nano-like Security Case

Apple is known to be extremely secretive about its upcoming products that are under development. The company goes to great length to hide prototype units of its unreleased products in a casing similar to its existing products to avoid leaks and for field testing. Images of an original Apple Watch prototype have now been shared on Twitter in a security case that looks like that of an iPod nano.

The prototype unit is of the Stainless Steel Apple Watch, with Apple using the security case to hide the product in plain sight during transportation. The prototype was used by Apple for internal testing and it came in a box marked “Apple Confidential.” It had plenty of warnings about unauthorized use and the device not intended for sale.

This is not the first time that images of Apple Watch prototypes have surfaced online. In April this year, Giulio Zompetti from Northern Italy managed to get his hands on six different Apple Watch prototypes from 2014. The units had a rare logo similar to Death Star in Star Wars that have also been found in previous iPhone prototypes.

A report from 2015 also noted that the first prototype of the Apple Watch was an iPhone rigged to a “very nicely designed” velcro strap. It had also revealed that software development of the Apple Watch was progressing faster than the hardware which led to the team building a simulator that displayed a life-size image of the Apple Watch on the iPhone’s screen. Various iPhone prototypes have also leaked over the years showing how Apple conceals these units for internal testing.