iPhone Speaker Not Working? Here’s How to Fix the Issue

iPhone Speaker not working? How to FixiPhone Speaker not working? How to Fix

While rare, it is entirely possible that your iPhone’s speaker stops working one fine day. There can be a number of reasons behind the speaker on your iPhone suddenly not working at all or its volume output being lower than usual. Check out some of the potential solutions in this article to try and get the speaker on your iPhone to work once again.

Until and unless you have dropped your iPhone or if it was damaged physically, it is unlikely that the speaker on your device will just stop working suddenly. This could likely be a software problem that can be solved easily. Try out some possible solutions listed below to get the speaker on your iPhone to work again.

iPhone Speaker Not Working? Here’s How to Fix the Issue

1. Increase the Volume Level

The first thing that you need to do is check the volume level on your iPhone if there’s no sound coming from the speaker. Everyone tends to slip up every once in a while and it is possible that you have the volume level on your iPhone set to zero which is why there’s no sound coming from the speaker.

2. Check the Mute Switch

If you are using an iPhone for the first time, it is entirely possible that you have out the phone on silent using the mute switch. This would mean that your iPhone will not make any sound for incoming calls and notifications, with the media volume also turned to zero. So, if your iPhone’s speaker is suddenly not working, you should check the position of the mute switch. If you are trying to playback media content, you can try increasing the volume using the volume rockers as well.

3. Disconnect Bluetooth Devices

It is possible that your iPhone is connected to a Bluetooth media device and transmitting audio to it which is why there’s no sound coming from the speaker. I have faced this issue when I paired a WearOS watch with my iPhone as the phone always routed the audio through the watch. So, you should turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone and then see if the speaker is working on your device or not.

4. Switch to Custom Ringtone

If the speaker on your iPhone is specifically not ringing during incoming calls, you can try and change the default system ringtone to see if that helps. You can also try changing the incoming notification tone if that’s where you are facing issues on your iPhone.

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5. Clean the Speaker

If you use your iPhone in a particularly dirty or dusty environment, you should look into cleaning the speaker grille. It is possible that dust and lint have accumulated inside the speaker grille of your iPhone thereby blocking its sound output. Do not use a sharp object to poke into the speaker grille as it could puncture the chamber. Instead, use a very fine cloth, a cotton swab, or a toothpick with blunt edges to clean the grille. If your iPhone has a stereo speaker, you should look into clearing the earphone grille at the top since dust accumulation there can affect the volume output.

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6. Drain the Water

If water accidentally goes inside the speaker of your iPhone, the sound coming out from it could end up being muffled or too low. This can happen if you drop your iPhone in water or spill some liquid on it. In such cases, you need to get the water out of the speaker system. Simply clean your iPhone using a dry cloth and then keep it upright and let gravity do its job. Wait for five to ten minutes which should be enough to get all liquid out from your iPhone’s speaker chamber after which it should work like normal. This method works for all iPhones whether they are water-resistant and or not.

7. Restart iPhone

One of the best solutions for most problems that you face on your iPhone is to simply restart it. If the above steps did not help in fixing your iPhone’s speaker woes, try a restart and see if that works. Alternatively, if you have not updated your iPhone to the latest release of iOS in quite a while, you should do that and see in a bid to fix the problem.

iPhone Not Booting FixiPhone Not Booting Fix

8. Go to Apple

If you have tried all the above steps and your iPhone’s speaker is still not working, your only option is to go to your nearest Apple Store or authorized service partner. If your iPhone is in warranty, Apple will fix it for free but if it is not, then you will have to shell money from your pocket to get it fixed. You can also try taking

The above tips should help in fixing the speaker on your iPhone. If not, your only option is to take the device

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