Google Maps for Apple Watch Now Available for Download on App Store

Last month Google announced that Maps app will return to watchOS. The app was not available on watchOS since 2017. Now Google Maps for Apple Watch is finally available for download on the App Store.

Google Maps for Apple Watch is heavily optimized. The updated app offers step-by-step directions, ETA details between different travel points. The current Trip section will include “Travel Times” details of all saved destinations. Furthermore, you can access navigation details for car, bikes, public transit, and walking. The app also lets you choose from the available routes without having to use your phone.

The Google Maps app on watchOS has some limitations. For instance, you cannot input the destination or new location on the Apple Watch. However, you can enter the destination and other details on iPhone and access directions on Apple Watch. Google has chosen big icons for legibility and ease of use. The Maps app also displays the type of transport and makes use of haptic feedback. Also on offer is a shortcut button that will take you to the main menu. Lastly, Google has added a Maps complication, which is nothing but a shortcut to open the Maps app.

Our Take

The Google Maps app also misses out on the live map feature that is available on Apple Maps. We wish Google had reduced the dependency on the iPhone for Maps on watchOS. That being said, the Google Maps app on watchOS is likely to come handy in many real-life situations. Apple Watch users won’t have to reach out to their iPhone every-time they want to access directions. This is especially useful when you are on a bike or in a jam-packed subway.

Do you prefer Google Maps or Apple Maps on Apple Watch?

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