iPhone’s Design Team Has Developed Two Custom Face Masks for Apple Employees

Apple has been offering its employees and retailers with standard cloth masks for protection against the COVID-19 virus. Now, according to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple has developed two new face masks for its employees, which will replace the standard cloth masks.

The first mask is called Apple Face Mask and the second one is called Apple ClearMask. Apple has told its staff members that these masks were designed by the same Engineering and Industrial Design teams that are responsible for designing iPhones and iPads. These masks are also being manufactured completely by Apple.

The Apple Face Mask is said to have three layers of filtration against particles and it can be washed and reused by up to 5 times. The Apple Face Mask has a large footprint that completely covers the chin and nose. It has adjustable straps to suit varying face sizes.

The Apple ClearMask, on the other hand, is a completely transparent mask. Unfortunately, the report does not have photos of these face masks. We wonder how they might look. Anyway, the Apple ClearMask is said to be the first completely transparent surgical mask that has been approved by the FDA. This mask shows the full face of the wearer so that people who are deaf and have a difficulty in hearing can understand what the wearer is saying in a better way.

According to the report, Apple has conducted careful research on which materials to use so that these masks filter the air properly and at the same time avoid disrupting the supply of materials that are used to develop protective gear for the medical workers. Apple is said to start shipping these face masks to its employers and retailers within the next two weeks.

Our Take

Apple could have continued offering its employees with the standard face masks but it went through the trouble to develop its own mask. And that is because Apple has always favored its employees using in-house apparel. In the 90s, the brand offered a complete Apple-branded fashion lineup for its employees. And those apparels are now being auctioned for an eye-watering price. You can read more about it here.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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