Make Your Mac Feel Faster by Turning Off Bouncing Dock Icons

App Icon Animated in Mac Dock

By default, every time you open a Mac application by clicking it on your Dock, the app icon will briefly “hop” in an animated sequence as the app loads. If you find this annoying, Apple makes it easy to turn off. Here’s how.

First, click the Apple logo in the upper-left corner of the screen and select “System Preferences.”

Launch System Preferences from the Apple Menu on a Mac

In System Preferences, click “Dock.”

In System Preferences on Mac, click "Dock."

In Dock preferences, uncheck the box beside “Animate Opening Applications.”

In "Dock" prefrences on Mac, uncheck "Animate opening applications."

After that, close System Preferences, and click an application icon in your dock to open it. You’ll notice that it opens instantly and no longer jumps away from the Dock. Despite not actually speeding anything up, this one small change actually makes your Mac feel a tad bit faster.

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