Take steady, polished video with a simple iPhone gimbal

Hohem X
Easily capture big screen-ready shots with a portable, feature-packed smartphone camera gimbal.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The iPhone camera just gets better, making our hands the weakest link for capturing cinema-quality video. Video stabilization can only do so much, so this simple, portable gimbal is here to help take super steady videos.

Hohem iSteady X is a compact, lightweight smartphone stabilizer. A sensitive, quiet motor and a new iSteady 3.0 algorithm eliminate the shakes when filming with small smartphones. It features auto-rotation and non-orthogonal axes design, so you can get dramatic, smooth motions worthy of the big screen, including with wide angle lenses. The Hohem Pro App includes built-in cinematic templates too, meaning you don’t have to be a cinematographer to nail dramatic camera moves. Additionally, there are easy settings for time lapse, face detection perfect for selfies of vlogs, and other features. When it’s time to relocate, the whole thing folds up to pocket size.

Buy now: Get the Hohem iSteady X Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer for $64.99. That’s 17% off the usual price. <!– –>