Fortnite maker says ‘Sign in with Apple’ logins will continue to work

Sign in with Apple
Epic Games says login feature won’t disappear after all.
Photo: Apple

Fortnite makers Epic Games say that Apple has given an “indefinite extension” on its use of the “Sign in with Apple” API.

Epic previously said that Apple was going to stop it offering this feature, meaning that people who had signed up using the Apple login service would have been unable to access their Epic Games accounts. This is due to the ongoing battle between Apple and Epic.

It’s not clear why Apple seemingly changed its mind. However, Epic still advises that users prepare for the possibility that Apple removes this login option at a later date — and points users to a site that will help them change their login options.

Epic Games vs. Apple

Apple and Epic have been battling back and forth for the past few weeks. The issue started when Epic offered users a way to make in-app purchases for Fortnite via a direct-payment system. By cutting Apple out, Epic no longer had to pay the 30% commission Apple takes of in-app purchases. It passed some of these savings on to consumers in the form of discounts.

However, Apple pointed out that this violated App Store guidelines — and proceeded to ban Epic games, Fortnite included, from the App Store. Epic immediately responded with a lawsuit accusing Apple of being a monopoly.

At least according to Epic, Apple threatened to remove the “Sign in with Apple” support on September 11. But it has now reconsidered and is letting the feature remain for those still able to access Fortnite. Since this removal would have hurt users it’s great to hear that an “indefinite extension” has been granted.

Epic is currently arguing in court that Apple should return Fortnite to the App Store and restore Epic’s developer account. Lawyers for the company claim that Epic is “likely to suffer irreparable harm” if this is not done.