How to Transfer Data From Your Old iPhone to New iPhone With MobileTrans

Got yourself a new iPhone and looking to move data to it from your old iPhone? While Apple does offer multiple ways to do this, none of them are efficient and quick and the company does not really offer you much control over the entire process. In comes MobileTrans using which you can easily move whatever data you want from your old iPhone to the new one in a jiffy.

You would want to move as much data as possible, such as photos, videos, music, or official documents that may have been accumulated on the old device as a result of long term use. Using MobileTrans, you can quickly transfer data from your old iPhone to the new iPhone. You can’t leave behind the chat data from apps like WhatsApp and WeChat as well. Users can opt for the iCloud backup but that may require you to purchase an iCloud subscription. Besides, the iCloud backup/restore requires a high-speed data connection and it overall consumes more time. Using the official iTunes way, you lose the flexibility to selectively backup and restore iPhone data on the new device. Enter a third-party solution called Wondershare’s MobileTrans that enables you to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone.

Using MobileTrans, you can transfer such data easily from iPhone to iPhone. The good news is, it’s quick and lets you selectively transfer data from one iPhone to another. The functionalities don’t end here. You can selectively back up and restore data using the MoobileTrans app. It lets you import data from the iTunes backup file. MobileTrans also supports WhatsApp transfer so you are covered on that front as well.

Transfer Data From Your Old iPhone to New iPhone With MobileTrans

Go through the step-by-step instructions to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone with one-click using MobileTrans.

Step 1: Download and install MobileTrans on your PC or Mac using the link below.

MobileTrans: Download

Step 2: Open the MobileTrans software and you will see a bunch of options on the home screen.

Step 3: Select the Transfer button under the Phone Transfer menu.

Step 4: Take the USB data cable and connect your old iPhone as well as the new iPhone to the PC or Mac.

Step 5: After a successful connection, you will see two devices on the menu. Keep your old iPhone as the source and new one as the destination device.

Step 6: If the source and destination are in the reverse position, then use the Flip button to change the position.

Step 7: Select the content that you want to copy from the old device to the new one. MobileTrans supports all types of data such as contacts, text messages, Safari history, bookmarks, voice memos, notes, and even wallpapers.

Step 8: Hit the Start button and the transfer process will start. The estimated time will depend on the amount of content that you intend to copy on the new device.

Disconnect both the device from the PC or Mac and you will see the selected files appearing on the new device. The functionality doesn’t end here. Mobiletrans also offers to transfer WhatsApp data from old iPhone to the new one.

Transfer WhatsApp Data

WhatsApp, the world’s biggest Instant Messaging service doesn’t offer a native sync function. Instead, you have to rely on iCloud to transfer data from the old iPhone to the new one. Using MobileTrans, one can easily transfer WhatsApp data between iPhone. Follow the steps below to complete the process.

Step 1: Simply connect both iPhones to the PC or Mac.

Step 2: Go to WhatsApp transfer in the MobileTrans app.

Step 3: Select the type of WhatsApp data such as group chats, photos, videos, documents, and more. Tap on the Start button at the bottom.

Selectively Backup iPhone Data

If you perform the iPhone backup using iTunes on PC or Mac, it won’t offer the option to selectively choose the data to add in the backup file. Instead, iTunes will perform the full iPhone data backup. MobileTrans provides the flexibility missing in the official Apple solution. Follow the step-by-step instructions to selectively backup iPhone data using MobileTrans.

Step 1: Open the MobileTrans software and go to the home screen.

Step 2: Go to the Backup menu.

Step 3: Connect the source iPhone via USB cable. Make sure to use the good quality cable as it may take time and you won’t want to mess up the process in the middle due to a faulty cable.

Step 4: Select the content that you want to backup on the computer.

Step 5: MobileTrans allows you to choose several types of data such as Contacts, Text messages, Reminders, Alarms, Bookmarks, Wallpaper, Voice notes, Apps data, and more. It’s totally up to you to add or leave the data in the backup file.

Step 6: Select the Start button at the bottom right corner and the backup process will start.


That’s it. MobileTrans will create a backup file on the PC or Mac.

Restore From the Backup File

There are two ways to restore the data using the MobileTrans software. You can either restore data using the MobileTrans backup file or use the iTunes backup file. Follow the steps below to selectively restore data from the MobileTrans backup file.

Step 1: Open the MobileTrans app and connect the iPhone.

Step 2: Go to the Restore menu and select the MobileTrans backup file.

Step 3: It will pull up the backup file from the PC. Select the data that you want to restore on the new iPhone.

Step 4: Hit Start at the bottom right corner and the restore process will start.

Availability and Price

Mobiletrans is available for both Mac and Windows. Full-featured software is priced at $60 which includes both phone transfer and WhatsApp transfer. It’s a lifetime plan and not a subscription one.

Mobiletrans can be your all-in-one transfer tool to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. Social media support is a nice addition too.  Which Mobiletrans feature are you looking forward to using? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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