iOS 14 Beta 8 Lets You Change the Default Browser App to Chrome on iPhone

When Apple announced iOS 14 at WWDC 2020 earlier this year, it mentioned in passing that users could change the default browser and mail app on their iPhone to a third-party app. That feature, however, was nowhere to be found in the beta builds of iOS 14 released by Apple so far. That was until iOS 14 beta 8 dropped earlier this week in which Apple seems to have silently added the option to change the default browser on iPhone.

If your iPhone is already running iOS 14 Beta 8, make sure to head over to the App Store and update Chrome to the latest release. After that, open the Settings app, find Chrome settings inside which you will find the option change the default browser from Safari to Chrome on your iPhone. All your browser requests after this will be directly handled by Chrome completely bypassing Safari.

Another advantage of changing the default browser on iPhone is that in Spotlight search, users will have the option of opening a search query directly in that said browser, though the option to use Safari will still be shown.

As of now, we were only able to set Chrome as the default browser on our iPhone running iOS 14 beta 8 and the option only showed up after updating the browser from the App Store. The option did not show up for Edge, Opera, Firefox, or Brave browsers. It is possible that the latest Chrome update also has something to do with the feature being activated. The ability to change the default browser also did not show up on my iPad Pro running the latest iPadOS 14 beta.

iOS 14 beta 8 also does not add the option to change the default mail app. I tried this with Outlook, Spark, and Airmail on my iPhone but the option did not show up.

Thanks, Andrew for the tip!

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