Wakka-Wakka Around the Block With NAMCO’s New Mobile AR Game ‘PAC-MAN GEO’

Pac-Man Geo screenshots

Another week, another augmented reality mobile game. Like Pokemon GO, PAC-MAN GEO attempts to leverage a classic game for a new mobile experience. This one builds Pac-Man “mazes” out of real world streets, allowing players to pilot the yellow pizza slice dude around real locations.

The game is up for pre-registration on Android and has a placeholder listing on iOS. According to a BANDAI-NAMCO press release, it will be available in “170 countries” starting sometime this month. The app listing says that players can use real-world streets from “New York, Paris, and Tokyo,” and the screenshots seem to indicate that you’ll be able to generate a custom map based on your real-world location. The game uses the Google Maps API to make its stages.

Monetization for PAC-MAN GEO hasn’t been nailed down, but at this point, it’s safe to assume it’ll be a free game with in-app purchases. Whether that game will be fair, or those purchases will be reasonable, remains to be seen.

Source: Android Police