Apple Watch gets a makeover with Goldenerre’s gorgeous new band

Goldenerre Pyramid bracelet for Apple Watch
A metal band unlike any other.
Photo: Goldenerre

Is your Apple Watch looking a little too familiar? Give it a glamorous makeover with a gorgeous bracelet unlike any other. Goldenerre’s new Pyramid band sports unique curves and a highly polished finish.

Order yours today for 38/40mm or 42/44mm Apple Watch models.

It’s incredibly easy to find a new band for your Apple Watch. There are so many to pick from. But it’s not so easy if you’re after something truly unique that you won’t find anyone else wearing.

That’s why you should check out Goldenerre’s stunning new Pyramid bracelet. It’s carefully crafted using only high-quality materials, and designed from scratch to be completely different.

Pyramid band makes Apple Watch stand out

Each of the Pyramid’s links features sharp but attractive curves that add texture and make for a modern, eye-catching finish. And unlike most metal bands, the Pyramid is not made from stainless steel.

Goldenerre Pyramid bracelet for Apple Watch
Available in silver or rose gold.
Photo: Goldenerre

Nope, it’s not aluminum, either. Instead, the Pyramid is made from brass with a durable ion plating that protects it from moisture and abrasion. The end result is a solid product that feels high-end.

The brass links — four of which are removable for a tighter fit if necessary — are combined with stainless steel buckles and adapters for strength. A simple clasp makes it easy to put on and take off.

Bag your Pyramid band today

Goldenerre’s new Pyramid band is available to order today from the Cult of Mac Store. It’s compatible with all Apple Watch models and comes in silver or rose gold — both priced at $125.

Goldenerre Pyramid bracelet for Apple Watch
Worth every penny.
Photo: Goldenerre

The Pyramid band ships free throughout the U.S. and comes in a delightful gift box. Check out Goldenerre’s stunning Star Rhinestone stacking bracelet, which adds even more glamor.