Apple Watch Series 6 and SE Not Shipping with USB Charging Adapter, iPad Air Comes with 20W USB-C Power Adapter

Apple has launched the Watch Series 6 and Watch SE today. But those aren’t the only two announcements regarding the Apple Watch. The Cupertino-based tech giant has announced that it will not offer a USB charging adapter with its smartwatches anymore.

Apple has been shipping a USB charging adapter with every smartwatch since the launch of the first-generation Apple Watch. But that stops now. Today, Apple has revealed that it will not ship a charging adapter with Apple Watch going further.

While Apple hasn’t offered a clarification, it looks like none of the Apple Watches on sale will ship with a charging adapter. The older units that are already sitting in the stories will come packed with a charging adapter but not the newer units.

According to Apple, the omission of a charging adapter from Apple Watches will save the carbon footprint equivalent to that developed by 50,000 cars per year. This is a big move from Apple and we need to see how consumers react to this step from the iPhone maker.

While Apple has skipped on a charging adapter for Apple Watch, it will be shipping the 4th-gen iPad Air that was launched today with a 20W USB Type-C adapter.

Our Take

Most of us use the same charging adapter for charging our Apple Watch that we do for charging our phones. Moreover, one can simply plug the charging cable of the Apple Watch into a laptop to charge the smartwatch. So, it makes sense for Apple to skip on the charger for the Apple Watch as very few people used it. What is your opinion about this decision from Apple? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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