Dress Your Wrist in Fancy Metal With Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 Titanium Edition

A Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in Titanium

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 already looks fancy, shiny, and comes packed with features. But what if you could get it in fancy Titanium? Well, if you’re willing to spend $600, that will be an option starting October 2.

The Galaxy Watch 3 Titanium Edition packs all the same features as the standard Galaxy Watch 3. You’ll still get a bevy of sensors, bezel navigation, and Bluetooth connection. But for the extra money, you’ll get a titanium casing instead of standard stainless steel.

That includes a matching titanium wrist strap, and to start, the watch comes in Mystic Black. You’ll get another extra too—the Smart Caddie app, a popular option for golfers, will come preloaded on the watch.

Right now, it only comes in a Bluetooth, 45 MM, mystic black version. No LTE, smaller size, or other colors for you. But that’s the price you pay to step up to luxury materials, we suppose.

Source: Samsung via 9to5Google