AppleCare+ Now Covers Up to Four Repairs or Replacements Over Two Years

iPhone with cracked glass back
Vinogradskaya Natalia/

If you’re spending more than a thousands bucks on a new phone, you might want to spend a little more to get it replaced if it gets stolen or toddlered (read: busted on the coffee table when you weren’t watching). Apple is making the terms of its AppleCare+ extended warranties even better, allowing more frequent replacements if you need them.

MacRumors reports that the new changes allow for users to get a repair or replacement  for a damaged device twice a year if necessary. That’s a maximum of four replacements over the typical two-year term of an AppleCare+ policy, twice as often as before. There’s also a flat deductible for replacing a stolen or lost phone: $149—previously it went up to $269 for the more expensive models. (Theft and loss prevention is an extra fee that depends on the device.)

Since these updated terms are live on Apple’s website, they might be retroactive to current AppleCare+ members, as claimed by MacRumors commenter rickyd10. I wouldn’t bet my iPhone on that, though.

Source: MacRumors via The Verge