Apple Watch SE Hands On Roundup: More Like a ‘Series 5s’

Alongside the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple also launched the Apple Watch SE which is scheduled to go on sale in most of the major markets from tomorrow. Ahead of that, some major publications have published their first impressions on this new budget wearable from Apple.

Below is a roundup of what most publications think about the Apple Watch SE and whether it is a worthy upgrade over the Apple Watch Series 3 or not.


The publication’s author Chris Velazco calls the Apple Watch SE the company’s “FrankenWatch” because it is a mix-and-match of various components that Apple uses across the Series 4, 5, and 6.

See what I mean? “FrankenWatch” feels like a pretty appropriate nickname — the SE is a mixed bag of the best parts and features from the last few years of Apple Watch history. That means it, thematically at least, has quite a bit in common with this year’s new iPad Air. Both new devices are surprisingly similar to Apple’s highest-end models, and if you can afford it, the SE offers a lot more than the basic model — in this case, the $199 Apple Watch Series 3.

The S5 chip inside the Apple Watch SE ensures that it does not feel slow to use in daily use.

So far, the Apple Watch SE has felt just as fast, which of course makes sense since it shares its brain with the Series 5. In other words, you can expect performance that’s in line with what was — up until just recently — Apple’s flagship wearable. I haven’t had the SE long enough to fully test its battery life, but I easily got a full day of use from the Series 5 when it launched, and the SE might last a little longer since it doesn’t have an always-on display to worry about.

The author found the new Solo Loop band a bit uncomfortable.

The silicone Solo Loop feels a lot like Apple’s classic Sport Band, but the material actually seems quite a bit thinner. Personally, I don’t find it nearly as comfortable as the classic Sport Band, but if nothing else, it looks cleaner. On the flip side, the woven loop looks and feels surprisingly nice — and it should for $99.

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The publication had no issues with the performance of the Apple Watch SE and also noted how similar it looks to the Series 6 in the new colors. The new Solo Loop band is also very comfortable.

The Watch SE doesn’t have as fast as a processor as the Watch Series 6, but the company said the SE is twice as fast as 2017’s Series 3 watch. During Orellana’s time with it, she said she didn’t notice much difference in speed when it came to the Watch 6.

The Watch SE also looks similar to the Series 6 and has the same brightness and resolution. It will be compatible with Apple’s two new watch bands, the Solo and Braided loop, too. Orellana was able to wear the Solo loop and remarked that the material felt very comfortable and it is convenient to simply slip onto the wrist — especially when she has her hands full.

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You can check out some hands-on videos of the Apple Watch SE below.

What do you think about the Apple Watch SE? Will you buy it over the Apple Watch Series 3? Drop a comment and let us know!

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