Spotify Is Testing Direct Streaming for Select Apple Watch Users

Spotify is testing a new feature that allows Apple Watch users to stream music without needing a connection to the iPhone. The feature is currently being tested on some Spotify users.

Some Spotify users have reported that they can now stream and control music directly on Apple Watch. The beta release feature reduces dependence on iPhone. Now no need to take your iPhone to the morning walk or the gym as you can stream music directly on Apple Watch. If you are an Apple Watch user, check out for a blue badge next to the Apple Watch icon. This means you get to try out Spotify’s new feature.

Spotify seems to be randomly choosing users for beta testing. Also, there is no way to opt into the beta. An Apple Watch users claimed that a blue badge appeared on his Apple Watch Series 3 on September 12. It is worth noting that the Spotify streaming feature is only available on Apple Watch LTE variants.

Before this Spotify app on Apple Watch allowed users to control playback on their iPhones. The new beta feature will let you control and stream songs on Apple Watch without the need for the iPhone.

Our Take

New Apple Watch features are aimed at reducing the need for the iPhone. Apple is trying to position Apple Watch as a standalone device that doesn’t require an iPhone. The recently launched Family Setup app allows parents to give Apple Watch to their kids without an iPhone. Despite this, the kids will be able to send text and share GPS locations with their parents. On a related note, it would be great if Apple could add Android support to Apple Watch.

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