You Can Slice Boxes With Friends in the Upcoming ‘Beat Saber’ Multiplayer Mode

The 'Beat Saber' logo over a promise of multiplayer coming soon.

If you have a VR headset, then Beat Saber is a must-own game you should buy. It’s your classic rhythm style music game, except this time you slice boxes with laser swords (legally distinct from lightsabers). It’s so much fun. And starting October 13, you can play with a friend.

Thanks to a brief video teaser, we don’t know too much about Beat Saber’s multiplayer mode, but there are some known details. You can play with up to four other people (for a total of five), and you’ll get to create simplistic avatars. 

Naturally, everyone playing will need a VR headset, but you can play with friends you know or strangers out in the world. According to the Beat Saber Twitter account, the multiplayer update comes to all its existing platforms, though PS4 might come a little late.

We don’t know if you’ll be chat or hear your opponents, or if crossplay is an option. You may be stuck playing with people on your platform of choice.

The multiplayer update releases on October 13, so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Source: Oculus