2020 iMac Users with Radeon 5700XT GPU Facing Display Glitch

Last month Apple launched the 2020 iMac refresh. The latest iMac comes with a 27-inch display and is powered by 10th-generation Intel processors, increased RAM and upgraded hardware. 2020 Mac owners are now reporting issues with their machines.

New Mac owners are facing issues related to graphics. The owners are reportedly facing the issues since August, which is when Apple started shipping iMac. In other words, the graphics glitch seems to be exclusive to 2020 iMac and appears even during first setup. The forum posts indicate the graphics glitch is mostly affeting iMac users who have opted for the high-end Radeon 5700XT GPU. A white horizontal line appears across the display. This line flickers occasionally, and there doesn’t seem to be a workaround.

I’ve just received my new iMac and noticed that from time to time a line glitch appears on my screen. It’s completely random, I thought it was related to intensive work/heat but sometimes even when the computer is idle I see the line on the screen.

It was really hard to capture it because it’s so random, but I manage to record the moment a glitch happens. Unfortunately there’s a lot of white background on it which makes it hard to see, but it goes across the entire screen.”

Everything seems to be in place when users run benchmarks for CPU and GPU. However, the horizontal line on the screen continues to persist. The white line appears now and then. One of the users says the problem disappeared after scaling down the resolution. It’s not clear whether it is a hardware or software issue. We hope Apple fixes the case and if necessary, replace hardware.

[via Apple Community]

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