Nike Run Club Update Brings a New Modular Watch Face, ‘Twilight Mode,’ and ‘Streaks’

Nike has today announced a number of software updates to the Apple Watch Nike and the Nike Run Club app for the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Nike now includes a new, exclusive modular sport watch face. Designed to offer multiple complications, the new face includes a quick-start button, total monthly miles, and “Guided Runs” with updated content and artwork.

The latest watch face also includes Nike Twilight Mode, offering a new in-run display and brighter design to be more visible at night.

When using the Nike Run Club app for Apple Watch during a run, new metrics now appear to help measure the user’s every stride. In addition to total miles run, the updated interface enables runners to view their average pace and cadence.

To motivate users to keep running, the latest Nike Run Club interface offers a new “Streaks” function. The feature awards users with a streak badge if they complete at least one run per week. Each week the user keeps the streak alive, they unlock the next streak icon on the watch face.

The update for the Nike Run Club app is available now, but only users with an Apple Watch Nike can use the new exclusive watch face.