‘Fall Guys’ Mid-Season Update Introduces Course Variations, Big Yeetus, and Anti-Cheatus

A screencap of 'Fall Guys' in action.

Mediatonic’s latest Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout update introduces course variations to help randomize tracks, along with improvements to server stability, game performance, and VFX. The mid-season update also ramps up the fun with Big Yeetus, a randomly spawing hammer that sends characters flying.

This mid-season update should spice things up as Fall Guys fans wait for the October 2nd Season 2 update. Random course variations can change the behavior of see-saws, doors, and turntables. And as Big Yeetus pops out of nowhere, gamers can find a new way to get ahead (or fall behind) the pack.

Mediatonic also introduced cheaters-only servers to Fall Guys, so all the hackers can play together while the regular people enjoy their game. Fall Guys now uses Epic’s anti-cheat tools to better detect hackers and keep the fun going.

The Fall Guys mid-season update was implemented across platforms on September 15th. Be sure to play before the October 2nd update, which will launch the game to Season 2 and reset your level!

Source: Mediatonic via IGN