Done with Netflix? Watch more than 5,000 movies of all genres on any device

Watch over 5,000 movies, including hard-to-find gems, of all different genres on a variety of devices, with no ads.

Staying home means streaming a lot more shows and movies. That means running down the list of content available on streaming video services like Netflix and Amazon. Luckily, there are other options — and they’re more affordable, too.

FlixFling offers thousands of ad-free movies from all sorts of genres. So whether you’re looking for an off-beat indie flick or a hard-to-find classic, there’s a good chance it’s there.

Genres include action, adventure, comedy, music, sci-fi, sports and lots more. Subscribers can rent or buy new releases, too, with a free digital locker so you can save all your purchases for viewing on any supported device (up to five per account).<!– –>

All you need is a modern browser to sign up, a reliable internet connection, and a device to use the FlixFling app. It works on computers, laptops, tablets, Android or iOS phones, Xbox, TiVo, AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, various smart TVs and more.

Buy now: Get two years of FlixFling Streaming Service for $99.99. You can also get a year for $59.99, 6 months for $34.99, or 3 months for $19.99. That’s 47%, 37%, 27% and 16% off the usual price respectively.