iOS 14 Adoption Rate Skyrockets to 26% Less Than a Week after Release

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It’s been less than a week since Apple released the iOS 14 to the public, and the adoption rate has already skyrocketed. Mixpanel, a mobile analytics company, says that iOS 14 (including iOS 14) has achieved adoption of 26 percent across iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

According to the analytics company, iOS 14 has achieved a faster adoption rate than iOS 13. The iOS 13 was installed on 20 percent of devices in the first week. Furthermore, the report claims the Home Screen widget feature has turned out to be a head-turner. It is perhaps one of the reasons users are flocking to iOS 14. The latest version of iOS also offers superlative privacy features like the ability to choose a third-party browser, default email apps, an indicator that warns users whenever mic, camera, and the clipboard is being accessed in the background.

The iOS 14 adoption data is not official and is based on visits to apps. However, the figures are most likely to be in the range of Apple’s data. On a related note, Apple releases the adoption rate a month after the latest iOS is released to the public. In other words, Apple will take another three weeks to release official iOS 14 adoption data.

Our Take

The iOS 14 has not caused any performance drop on an older device. I happen to own an iPhone 7, and it has no issues running iOS 14 whatsoever. If you are worried about battery life on iOS 14, check out this comparison. iOS 14 has some known bugs/issues, and hopefully, Apple will address it in the next update. Meanwhile, you can check out some super cool home screen widgets for iPhone.

[via Mixpanel]

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