Apple Stops Signing iOS 13.7, Downgrading from iOS 14 No Longer Possible

Apple iOS 14Apple iOS 14

Following the release of iOS 14 last week, Apple has stopped signing iOS 13.7 meaning it is no longer possible for iPhone or iPad users to downgrade their device back to iOS 13 now. This time around, Apple stopped signing a previous version of iOS relatively quickly compared to its usual timeframe of around two weeks.

While iOS 14 comes with a number of new features and enhancements, it also has a number of bugs. Apple has so far only released iOS 14.2 beta, with no new public build out yet for fixing bugs. Generally, users end up downgrading back to an older version of iOS if they find the latest build too buggy, but with iOS 13.7 no longer being signed, this is not possible anymore.

iPhone X and iPhone 8 owners might have also wanted to downgrade back to iOS 13.7 as it was possible to jailbreak it using Checkra1n. While Checkra1n is based on a low-level bootrom exploit meaning it should work on all iPhones affected by the vulnerability, Apple has introduced new security measures in iOS 14 to mitigate the exploit. As of now, it is only possible to jailbreak the iPhone 6s running iOS 14 using Checkra1n.

Have you downgraded your iPhone or iPad to iOS 13.7 from iOS 14? Or were you planning on doing so? If so, why? Drop a comment and let us know!

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