Apple Watch Owners Reporting GPS Data Logging Issue on watchOS 7

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Apple had recently released the watchOS 7 update, which introduces a plethora of new features in the compatible Apple Watches. However, users are reporting that the new OS has a bug where the Apple Watch isn’t recording GPS data.

A thread on Apple support forums is filled with Apple Watch users complaining about their Apple Watch running on watchOS 7 not recording GPS data. While there have been only a few users reports so far, the bug definitely seems to exist.

According to Hageltjes, he went for a run with his Apple Watch Series 4. When he returned and tried to upload the GPS data to Strava, he received a message warning him that there is no GPS data available. When the user checked the Fitness app, he found that there was indeed no GPS data available for the run that he had just been to. The app just showed the starting point of his run. According to him, the same issue occurred with his wife’s Apple Watch Series 4 when she went for a run without her iPhone X; the watch did not record GPS data.

Other users have been experiencing the same issue. According to Keksz, ” Sadly I have the same issue, but until now there is no solution for that. The map only shows the START and not the route nor the stop.”

Going by the reports posted on Apple Communities, it looks like all Apple Watch models compatible with watchOS 7, including Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4, and Apple Watch Series 5, have been affected by the GPS data bug. According to a few users, they have contacted Apple and the customer support has informed them that this is the problem related to Strava. However, the issue seems to exist with other apps as well. So, this seems to be an issue on Apple’s part.

It is not uncommon for new OS releases to contain a few major bugs that might hinder the normal functionality of the device. The bug where Apple Watch is not recording GPS data seems to be one of those bugs. We hope Apple is following user reports closely and that it offers a bug fix as soon as possible.

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[Source: Apple Communities]

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