Apple’s Solo Loop Band May Increase in Size Over Time, Updates Sizing Guide

Apple launched Solo Loop bands alongside Apple Watch Series 6. The company has now updated its documents that explain how the Solo Loop band for Apple Watch might increase in size over a period of time. The same is also mentioned in fine print on the Solo Loop band product page. Apple’s updated size guidelines are aimed at helping users choose a Solo Loop that fits best.

The printable sizing guide now comes with new instructions that account for the Solo Loop increase in size over a period of time. As per the manual, users need to wrap the size tool tightly around their wrist, like how they would do with Apple Watch. Furthermore, users need to ensure that sizing tool fitting is right and is now sliding in any direction.

The sizing tool has two arrows that will point at the marked numbers. You need to choose the number that lies between both pointing arrows. In case the number falls between the lines, then the guide suggests selecting the smaller of the two numbers. Still, confused? Apple’s visuals will help you understand the adjustments.

Apple says Solo Loop and Solo Braid bands are stretchable and thus might increase in size. However, the company claims single-piece bands are designed to offer “ultra-comfortable fit” and are available in nine different sizes. It is worth noting that only Solo Loop will increase in size while the Braided Loop size will remain the same.

Our Take

It is imperative to choose the right fit. Apple requires users to return the Apple Watch if you have ordered it with a Solo Loop of the wrong size. This is because Apple considers Solo Loop bands as custom and requires users to return the entire device instead of just the band. The worst part is users who return the Apple Watch will have to wait until the second half of October for their replacement. Previously, users had pointed out that the best fit is usually one size less than what the sizing tool recommends.

How was your experience choosing the right fit Solo Loop band for Apple Watch? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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