Multiple sources point to iPhone 12 event on October 13

Render shows iPhone 12 camera with three lenses
A redesigned iPhone 12 is almost certainly just a few weeks away.
Photo: Pigtou/xleaks7

The iPhone 12 will debut at a special event on October13, multiple sources claimed on Wednesday.

Cupertino is widely expected to introduce its next-generation handset in October, with only the date remaining a mystery. According to several sources, there’ll be an Apple event the second Tuesday of that month to take the wraps off.

Jon Prosser, a YouTuber and frequent source of inside Apple information, laconically said on Twitter “I was told: Event October 13.” Prosser has a 72.7% accuracy rating from AppleTrack on previous predictions.

An employee at a UK cellular carrier reportedly told MacRumors that there will “perhaps” be an iPhone-centric event on Oct. 13. And AppleInsider makes a nearly identical claim.

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