Poll: How’s Your iPhone’s Battery Life on iOS 14?

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With iOS 14 now out for nearly a week, now is a good time to assess what impact the update has had on the battery life of your iPhone.

A comparison had shown that iOS 14 does not bring about any hit on battery life when compared to iOS 13.7 but that’s not necessarily a good thing since recent iOS 13 builds had negatively impacted the battery life on newer iPhones. So what has your experience been with iOS 14 so far in terms of battery life on your iPhone?

Apple released iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 to the public last week after a few months of extensive beta testing. Despite that though, users are reporting quite a few bugs with the OS including sub-par battery life. With such major updates, it is always recommended that you wait for a few days after updating the device for things to settle down to judge any impact on battery life.

I have noticed a pretty major decline in battery life on my first-generation iPad Pro after updating it to iPadOS 14 last week. I did not notice any severe impact on battery life while running the iPadOS 14 beta builds but the public build seems to have made matters worse. I have updated the iPad Pro to iPadOS 14.2 public beta last night so I still need to see whether it resolves the battery life issues that I was facing on iPadOS 14 or not.

How has your experience with iOS 14 been so far in terms of battery life? Do you think it has improved? Or is it the same so far? You can always follow our guide on iOS 14 Battery drain issues to improve your iPhone’s battery life. Take part in our poll and let us know by dropping a comment below!

How is Your iPhone’s Battery Life after Updating to iOS 14?

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