Poor Fit with Solo Loop Band? You Will Have to Return Your Entire Apple Watch Series 6 Package

When Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 6 last week, it also debuted new watch bands including the Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop. These bands do not feature any clasps and instead requires users to slip it on their wrists.

To ensure proper fit, Apple offers the Solo Loop bands in nine different sizes. This is importnat since unlike other Apple Watch bands, they are not adjustable in size so finding the right size is important. Apple even offers a size chart on its website and recommends people to take out its print out and try it on their wrist to find the right fit.

The problem is if you somehow end up getting a Solo Loop band that’s too small or too large, you will have to return not just the band but your Apple Watch to Apple as well. This is becuase Apple considers Apple Watch orders with Solo Loop bands as a custom/BTO one and thus requires them to return the entire product rather than just the band. The bigger problem is that since Apple Watch Series 6/SE is in limited supply right now, customers who return the smartwatch now are having to wait until mid to late October to get a replacement unit. Some customers have been able to successfuly replace their Solo Loop band with a different size from an Apple retail store, though your luck will vary depending on where you live.

Many customers who ordered the Apple Watch with Solo Loop band have realised that the best fit is not what Apple’s size chart will recommend, but a size smaller than that. A snug fit is important with the Solo Loop band as otherwise the blood oxygen sensor on the Apple Watch Series 6 will fail to get a reading.

If you plan to get the Apple Watch Series 6 with the Braided/Solo Loop band, your best bet is to actually visit your nearest Apple Store to get an idea of what size will be perfect for your wrist.

[Via MacRumors]

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