Improve the Look of Your Next Zoom Meeting with This Home-Office Kit

Even though we might not love them, Zoom meetings are here to stay. Whether you’re coordinating your kids’ classes online or running a meeting from your bedroom, the Pictar Home-Office Kit can help make things more professional. This kit includes three helpful tools designed to improve your WFH experience, and it’s available now in the iPhone Hacks Deal Hub for just $89.99, 35% off the usual price of $139.

The Pictar Home Office Kit includes a Pictar Wide-Angle Smart Lens, which doubles the angle of view on your camera and works in tandem with the Pictar app to let you adjust the lens and shooting mode. Then set up the Pictar Smart Light, an LED lamp that’s perfect for a camera or mobile phone. It comes equipped with a built-in battery and delivers full brightness for up to 2 hours with a full charge. Once the lens and light are set up, the Splat 3N1 Flexible Tripod holds cameras and smartphones in multiple positions steadily thanks to the 5 flexible legs.

Improve the look of your online presence with this Pictar Home-Office Kit. It’s available now in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $89.99, 35% off the $139 MSRP.

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