The Japan Update for Microsoft’s ‘Flight Simulator’ is Breathtakingly Good

Lovely views of Japan from Microsoft's 'Flight Simulator' new game update

Microsoft’s popular Flight Simulator game is getting a major update that bolsters the experience of flying through Japan. Several cities throughout the beautiful country will now have increasingly detailed and accurate 3D renders, along with more hi-res airports and landmarks across the country.

The Japanese cities receiving the updated 3D photogrammetry include Tokyo, Yokohama, Takamatsu, Sendai, Utsunomiya, and Tokushima. Airports in Nagasaki, Shimojishima, Kerama, Hachijojima, Kushiro, and Suwanosejima are also receiving handcrafted upgrades, as are famous landmarks like Himeji Castle, Mount Fuji, and Hashima Island.

Flight Simulator has taken the world by storm this year for its immersive gameplay, accurate maps, and beautiful scenery. The simulator game is hugely popular with gamers and streamers on Twitch and is the type of game that’s so good you even want to buy additional peripherals for better gameplay.

You can grab a copy of Flight Simulator for Windows 10 PCs on Steam, the Microsoft Store, or Xbox. The game is also free if you have Game Pass Ultimate or Game Pass for PC (note that the PC version is free—you don’t get an Xbox copy). More information about the free update is likely to come prior to its September 29 release.

via Engadget