Apple Acquired Podcasting App Scout FM That Creates Podcast Stations Using AI

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Apple acquired Scout FM earlier this year in a bid to improve its podcasting services. The move comes as Spotify, one of Apple’s key rivals in the streaming space, has been focusing heavily on improving its podcasting experience.

While there are a number of podcasting apps on the App Store, the key feature of Scout FM is that it makes listening to podcasts an experience that’s similar to tuning into a radio station. The service would curate all podcasts as per genre, user listening habits, and AI, and then create a podcast station so that users can tune into them. This is a different approach from almost every other podcasting app out there that only presents users with a list of podcast based on genre apart from highlighting the trending podcasts.

Bloomberg notes that Scout FM was popular among iPhone users and also featured CarPlay integration along with Alexa support. Apple confirmed the acquisition to Bloomberg, though it did not provide any other details on the purchase.

Apple is also working on original podcasts that will center around its Apple TV+ content and it is also looking to acquire original podcast programs.

The podcast space has been heating up, with Spotify leading the charge. Apple has also been making steady improvements to its Podcasts app with every new iOS release to deliver a superior experience to its users.

[Via Bloomberg]

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