Microsoft’s Updated Xbox App Lets You Stream Xbox One Games on iPhone

Microsoft is prepping an Xbox app update for iOS that will allow iPhone users to stream Xbox games on their devices. The new Xbox App offers a remote play feature that lets you stream games on an iPhone. It is somewhat similar to mirroring the game on your iPhone.

Microsoft recently announced the xCloud service. However, the new feature is not the same. Unlike the XCloud service, the Xbox app will not connect to game servers. Instead, it will connect with your Xbox console. Sony already offers a similar feature called PS4 Remote Play for iOS. In other words, you will be able to play Xbox games on WiFi by connecting to the console. Thankfully, the feature also supports 4G or 5G so that you can access games when outside your house. The Xbox will start remotely without making any sounds and will go to standby once gameplay is stopped.

The updated Xbox app on iOS is faster than the previous version and features an improvised user interface. Meanwhile, Microsoft is also working on some design changes for the Xbox dashboard. It is worth noting that Microsoft is launching Xbox Series X consoles in November.

Apple has not allowed Microsoft to release xCloud services on the App Store. Later, Apple changed the App Store rules to accommodate game streaming services like XCloud and Stadia. However, the new rules require Microsoft to upload each game separately, with each one getting its review and rating section. Microsoft criticized the move saying it will end up being ‘a bad experience for customers.’ Microsoft is already testing the new app, and it is expected to hit the App Store soon.

[via TheVerge]

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