New emoji for 2021 will set your heart afire

The list of new 2021 emoji is short.
These are probably the only new emoji we’ll see in 2021.
Image: Emojipedia

The emoji set to appear in 2021 will help you express relief or confusion. Or show that your heart’s afire, or that it’s mending.

But there is something odd about the the list of upcoming emoji: it’s very short. The group responsible for coming up with new emoji for iPhones picked just seven new designs to debut next year. The reason is simple: COVID-19.

That said, there are a couple of hundred additional mixed skin tones for emoji of couples together, but none of those designs are actually new.

New emoji for 2021

The fresh designs in the recently-announced Emoji 13.1 list from the Unicode Consortium are:

  • Face Exhaling
  • Face in Clouds
  • Face with Spiral Eyes
  • Heart on Fire
  • Mending Heart
  • Woman with Beard
  • Person with Beard

There are versions of the later two for different skin tones. And in that same vein, the remaining 200 additions are all variations on Couple with Heart. There are already options of this for man and woman, man and man, and woman and woman. Emoji 13.1 adds a huge range of skin tone choices for each of the people in the emoji.

Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc. will now take the basic designs determined by the Unicode Consortium and make them match their own style. That’s why an emoji on an iPhone doesn’t look exactly like one on an Android.

Why so few?

The emojis that are added to all mobile operating systems, including iOS, are determined by the Unicode Consortium. This group depends on the efforts of volunteers, who are all dealing with the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Unicode 13.0 was unveiled in January with a bumper crop of new emojis, which are expected to come to iPhone and iPad soon. But because of the pandemic Unicode 14.0 isn’t scheduled to be out until autumn of 2021, about six months later than usual. Apple, Google and other companies need time to add whatever emoji will be on that list to their operating systems, which means they likely won‘t be available for text messages until 2022.

Hence, Emoji 13.1. “This minor release was created to add new emoji before 2022,” the Unicode Consortium noted in a blog post.

Via: Emojipedia