Wyze Plans to Launch a Professional Home Monitoring Service

A black Wyze Camera, tilted at an angle on a white background.
Josh Hendrickson

Wyze often says it’s not a security company. That’s an odd claim as it sells Wi-Fi cameras for inside and outside your home, sensors, and soon a video doorbell. But now it’s fully embracing security, as it unveils plans to launch a DIY Professional Home Monitoring system, similar to SimpliSafe.

It’s still early days for the service, and Wyze hasn’t even settled on a name for the service yet. But the company is already ramping up interest in professional monitoring via a waitlist page. The company admits that it’ll need to beef up its sensors for better reliability to make professional monitoring happen. But the company thinks it can do for home security what it’s doing for smart homes—make it more affordable.

We made a name for ourselves in 2017 when we launched our first smart home camera, Wyze Cam, for a fraction of the price of competitors. Now, we’re looking to do the same thing with home monitoring and security. Peace of mind shouldn’t be a discussion about this month’s budget – that’s why we’re creating a system that is smart, simple, professional, and of course, affordable, says Sunny Wu, Wyze’s Head of Services. We’ve sourced brand new hardware because an endeavor like this demands the highest standards in reliability. We’re doing everything we can to break the mold that quality products can’t be had at affordable prices.

We don’t know much yet, like pricing, but Wyze is making a few promises. It plans to release a second generation of its sensors that it promises will be more reliable. The service will connect to a 24/7 professional monitoring service. And it will be compatible with Alexa Guard and Noonlight.

Wyze says it’ll launch the service sometime in 2021, along with new devices to support a home security system fully. When we learn more, we’ll let you know.

Source: Wyze