Inject some cyberpunk style into your wireless charging

Wireless Charging Wheel
Enjoy a dynamic light show while you power up your phone with this unique Qi charger.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Wireless charging is like something straight out of the future, so why does it already seem so ho-hum? The future was supposed to be sleek and shiny and multicolored — and that’s just what this hybrid, cyberpunk-style phone stand/charging hub brings.

The Wheel of Power Mobile Wireless Charger is first and foremost a powerful 10-watt wireless charging station, and a flexible stand for keeping your smartphone’s screen at the ideal viewing angle.

Beyond that, it really shines in the style department … literally. The Tron-worthy, LED-laden wheel glows in response to hand gestures, adding a sci-fi sheen to any desktop while your device tops up. It doesn’t require fusion power to run, though. Just plug it straight into a USB outlet.<!– –>

Buy now: Get a Wheel of Power Mobile Wireless Charger for $64.99. You can also get two for $99, or get four for $179.99. That’s more than half off the usual price.