Belt out your favorite songs with mobile Karaoke

Karaoke On Demand
Sing your favorite tunes anywhere and anytime with Karaoke On Demand.
Photo: Bruce Mars

Few things are as therapeutic as passionately singing your favorite songs completely out of key. Even better if your friends are in on the fun. That’s the joy of karaoke, so this app makes it easy to pop up a karaoke session just about anywhere.

Karaoke On Demand lets you sing along to thousands of top karaoke tunes, from fresh bops to classic hits. You can stream the music and lyrics anytime, anywhere, so it’s a good time waiting to happen. It works with phones, tablets, computers, laptops, even your Smart TV. The recordings are top notch and carefully curated, making it easier to get into the vibe and give your best. Or worst, if you prefer, because that’s usually way more fun anyway.

Buy now: Get a year of Karaoke On Demand for $59. You can also get 2 years for $99, or get a lifetime ‘VIP’ subscription to Karaoke On Demand for $149.99. That’s 50%, 58%, and 74% off the usual price. <!– –>