Disney+ GroupWatch Helps You Watch ‘Mulan’ With Your Long-Distance Friends

A phone and TV watching a Disney show in sync with each other.

It seems like every nearly streaming service offers a co-viewing feature now, and Disney+ is here to join in on the action. Dubbed GroupWatch, you can view a show or movie with up to six other people, but they’ll need Disney+ accounts naturally. But if you can’t get together to watch The Mandalorian’s next season, at least Disney is here to help.

GroupWatch works a lot like co-viewing options do on Plex, Movies Anywhere, and Hulu. You’ll start up a group session from the web or mobile device (sorry, you can’t start from a smart TV), then generate links to send your friends. While you have to start the session from the web, anyone can watch from tablets, phones, and smart TVs. The group can pause, play, and rewind, and Disney will keep the streams in sync. 

Unlike Sling, there are no chat or video functions, but you can send out emoji to let everyone know how sad you are that it’s been 10 minutes without The Child on the screen. Nevermind that you’re watching Hidden Figures.

Group Watch is rolling out today, and you can start a session by browsing to a show you’d like to watch on the web or your mobile device, then tapping the GroupWatch icon.

Source: Disney