Facebook Announces Accounts Center; One Place to Manage Your Facebook Accounts

Facebook Accounts CenterFacebook Accounts Center

Facebook has just announced that it has started testing Accounts Center for Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger apps. Accounts Center will make it possible to share the same story or post on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously from a single place, and it will also be your single point of access for logging into Facebook’s apps and for recovering accounts.

If you are sharing a story or a post on Instagram, the app gives you an option to share it on Facebook as well. However, there is no way to share stories and posts from Facebook to Instagram. Therefore, you need to switch to Instagram to post the same content that you did on Facebook, which can be a hectic task, especially if you share stories and posts on your social media platforms on a regular basis. Well, not anymore, thanks to Accounts Center.

Accounts Center that Facebook has announced today will appear as a separate section in the settings pane on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Once you link your Facebook and Instagram profiles in Accounts Center, you will be able to share the same story or post on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously without having to switch between apps.

Accounts Center also features Facebook Pay. So, once you set your payment preferences in Accounts Centre, you will be able to use the same payment methods for Facebook as well as Instagram. Thanks to it, you will no more have to go to each social media app and update your payment settings; you can get it done from one place.

You can use Accounts Center for logging into all Facebook apps as well, which means that you don’t have to log in to Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger separately. However, Facebook is yet to reveal how does this feature works. Last but not the least, Accounts Center will allow you to change your name and profile picture across all Facebook apps, including Instagram from one place.

Facebook has shared a few images of how Accounts Center panel will look on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. If you look closely, Accounts Center seems to have icons for WhatsApp and Oculus as well. So, does that mean people will be able to control their WhatsApp and Oculus accounts from Accounts Center? Well, that is something Facebook needs to clarify.

According to Facebook, it has started testing Accounts Center on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger this week. While Facebook hasn’t revealed a final release date for Accounts Center, it looks like the feature will be introduced to the public very soon.

[Source: Facebook]

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