LG’s $1,000 Shapeshifting “Wing” Smartphone Hits Verizon on October 15

The LG Wing smartphone front, swivel screen, and rear view of the device

LG’s $999.99 Wing smartphone is the latest in the smartphone industry’s attempt to try new form factors. But unlike the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 or Surface Duo, you don’t get fold actions. Instead, the normal-phone swivels out to create a T-shaped display. And it’s coming to Verizon on October 15.

Born out of LG’s Explorer Project, the LG Wing is the company’s first stab at a new way to use a phone. When you first pick it up, it may appear to be a standard (albeit thick) slab device. But give it the right push, and the screen swivels out and up, revealing a second display beneath. The two form a T-shape, which enables new capabilities.

Flipped out, the Wing is capable of multi-tasking. You can display an app on one screen, and another app on the second display. That’s useful if you want to load maps on the road, but also have easy access to Spotify controls.

The two displays can even work together to make a single app better, such as displaying a keyboard on the horizontal screen and your messaging app on the other, you just hold the phone “upside down.” Cameras see an improvement too; when you swivel the main display to its horizontal position, you can grip the secondary display like a gimbal.

The LG Wing hits Verizon on October 15 for $999.99, and preorders begin October 1. But you can reduce the price through Verizon’s trade-in program.

Source: Verizon