Mail App Users Are Facing Issues with Email Aliases on iOS 14

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The email aliases feature on the iOS 14 Mail app is reportedly not working. Many Mail app users have highlighted the issue on Apple Support Communities and other forums.

Aliases are useful when you dont want to reveal your email addresses to apps and services or use multiple email addresses for different purposes. Those who have set up aliases on the Mail app are facing a critical issue. The Mail app is not using the aliases after the iOS 14 update. In other words, the aliases feature doesn’t seem to be working anymore on the Mail app.

The worst part is that the Mail app is overriding alias chosen by users. This means the emails are being sent out from wrong addresses, and there is nothing the users can do about it. This is what one of the users had to say about the issue,

I have an IMAP account (not gmail) with a few aliases. I have been using this for YEARS and it’s always worked fine. Today, I sent my first email from ‌iOS 14‌ and it changed my from address after I sent the email. Note, the correct address was selected in Mail – it was changed during sending. I then sent some mails from other aliases, and those were also all wrong – never the right address.”

A quick look at the thread tells us that the incorrect alias bug was induced on iOS 14. Another user said, “No issue on my iPad (which is running 13.7) nor MacBook” and confirmed the issue happened after updating to iOS 14. The majority of the users affected by this problem are using or aliases. The Mail app is automatically switching to the default address even when users have chosen

One of the few who still uses for the email address. After the upgrade I am noticing that the from address defaults to even though the settings still points to address. Not sure if anyone here is noticing that.”

There is no workaround at this point. We hope Apple will soon fix the issue. Users have pointed out that the bug exists on iOS 14.2 Beta.

[via MacRumors Forum]

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