Siri Might Soon Be Available in More Languages and Countries

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The Siri voice assistant from Apple is available in 11 languages across 37 countries. However, Apple’s new job listings suggest that Siri will soon support more languages and that it will be available in more countries.

Apple’s office in Cork, Ireland is hiring people that are fluent in Croatian, Czech, Flemish, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, and Ukrainian language. Whereas, Apple’s Singapore office is hiring people that are fluent in Indonesian and Vietnamese language. Apple is hiring people that are fluent in these languages for the post of ‘Annotation Analyst,’ where one has to transcribe snippets of ‌Siri‌ conversations to evaluate the voice assistant’s responses.

The fact that Siri is not available in any of the languages that are mentioned above and the fact that Apple is hiring people fluent in these languages for the position Annotation Analyst for Siri, strongly suggests that the Cupertino-based tech giant is working on expanding Siri’s support for these languages to offer the voice assistant in more countries. We don’t see any other reason why Apple would hire Annotation Analysts that are expert in these languages if not for adding support for these languages in Siri.

Adding support for a new language in an AI-based voice assistant is a pretty big task. And it could take a significant amount of time. So, don’t expect Siri to support the languages that are mentioned above anytime soon. That being said, this is exciting news for people who were waiting for Siri to support these languages. If Apple adds support for these languages to Siri, it is possible that the brand’s Translate app would benefit from it and that it will support translation for these languages.

Our Take

While Apple is adding support for more languages to Siri and improving the voice assistant day by day, Siri is still behind Google Assistant and Alexa in terms of supported languages and functionalities. Apple will have to do a lot better if it wants to expand the market share of Siri.

What features would you want Siri to offer in the future? Do let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: MacRumors]

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