Satechi’s First GaN Charger Features 100W PD and Dual USB-C Ports

Satechi 100W dual USB-C PD GaN charger

We’re all stuck at home, so why are we still using the less-than-great chargers that came with our devices? Satechi, the maker of popular mobile accessories, has announced a 100W Gallium Nitride (GaN) charger with dual USB-C ports and a USB-A port. Combined, this one charger can handle all of your daily charging needs.

GaN chargers are physically smaller and more power-efficient compared to silicon-based bricks. Although Satechi’s charger isn’t the smallest on the market, it does output a serious amount of power not found on units chock full of USB-A ports. In fact, you could replace your Macbook Pro’s power supply, your iPad Pro’s power adaptor, and your iPhone’s power brick with Satechi’s GaN charger.

Satechi 100W dual USB-C PD GaN charger ports

Using one of the Satechi charger’s two USB-C ports, you can charge a single device that is Power Delivery (PD) compatible at the maximum 100W speed. Plug in two USB-C cables and the power output will drop down to 60W and 30W. Add a USB-A cable and expect to get up to 12W of juice without affecting the two USB-C ports.

The 100W dual USB-C GaN charger is available now for $79.99 from Amazon and Satechi’s website. Save 20 percent by using the “GANPOWER” coupon code when purchasing the charger directly from Satechi’s website between now and October 2, 2020.

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