Osmo releases new Math Wizard series to assist with at-home learning on iPad

Osmo, the popular iPad accessory to schools and at-home learning, has just released a new curriculum called Math Wizard that’s aimed at kids 6-8 years old to experience math through hands-on narrative- and adventure-driven games, where kids learn math skills using real-world objects that seen by the iPad app.

In the series, there are two separate kits that go together to kick off the series.

Magical Workshop

In the Magical Workshop Osmo Kit, kids will go on an addition and subtraction adventure, where they brew potions with dragon claws and sparkle dust to learn about place value, and count balloons to help dragons fly. The Magical Workshop contains a collection of four games, and the box contains 1 Mixing Mat; 2 Sticker Sheets; 1 Spell Book; 28 Counting Cubes; 6 Counting Rods. The games Potions, Dragon Drop, Magical Flight, and Wyverndell Express.

Secrets of the Dragons

In the Osmo Secrets of Dragons Kit, kids learn about measurement as they explore the Dragon Reserve and its outlying biomes. As “dragon scouts,” kids discover new dragons, measure, and feed them based on their size. They can earn merit badges to become a master scout. The box contains 1 Dragon Guidebook; 2 Rulers; 62 Food Tokens.

“Exhaustive research shows that using manipulatives help children learn math, especially in the areas of counting, place value, computation, problem-solving, fractions, and more,” says Pramod Sharma, CEO of award-winning STEAM brand Osmo. “Rather than teach kids to memorize formulas and processes, Osmo Math Wizard games offer a hands-on approach, combined with digital learning, to allow kids to think creatively and solve problems on their own–a hallmark of all Osmo games, while compelling narratives and adventures keep them continuously engaged without their realizing they are learning.” 

The next releases in the series will come in March of 2021

9to5Mac’s Take on Osmo Math Wizard

I’ve been testing both of the kits for the past month, and Osmo has another hit on their hands. My kids absolutely loved the Wizard theme, and the games were just challenging enough to cause them to stop and think but not so challenging that they needed my help.

If you’re a parent with kids who are struggling with at-home learning, all of Osmo’s products strike a nice balance between connected and real-world learning. I have been a fan of the products from the original release, and these new Math Wizard kits look to be the start of something fun.

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