The iPod Nano is Now ‘Obsolete’

The last iPod nano model has been marked as “vintage” as Apple meaning it is now no longer possible to get it repaired from Apple. The company tends to mark a product as either “vintage” or “obsolete” depending on their age.

Apple marks an iPhone, iPod, Mac, or iPad as “vintage’ that has not been sold for more than five years but less than seven years. These products will continue to receive service support from Apple or its authorized service providers depending on spare part availability and local regulations. The company marks a product as “obsolete” that was sold over seven years ago and once this time period has crossed, Apple or its service partners do not provide any hardware service for them. You can find the complete list of products that have been marked as vintage or obsolete by Apple here.

The iPod nano was last refreshed by Apple in mid-2015 with new colors. The portable music player was first launched by Apple in 2005 and over a decade, it got a lot of major design changes and improvements. Apple stopped selling iPod nano to customers back in 2017, and right now, if you want an iPod, your only option is the iPod touch which features an A10 Fusion chip. The iPod touch was last updated by Apple in early 2019 in a surprise refresh.

If you own an iPod nano, chances are you have it purely for nostalgic reasons. The days of iPods are long gone in an era where smart speakers and Bluetooth earbuds are used for listening to music by consumers.

Do you still have an iPod nano? And do you still continue to use it?

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