On the Rocks debuts in theaters, 3 weeks ahead of Apple TV+ release

Rashida Jones and Bill Murray star in On the Rocks, an upcoming Apple TV+ movie by director Sofia Coppola.
Photo: Apple TV+/A24

On the Rocks, the Apple Originals movie co-produced with A24, debuts in select theaters today, ahead of its debut on Apple TV+ later this week.

The movie reunites director Sofia Coppola with star Bill Murray for the first time since their brilliant 2003 movie Lost in Translation, which won an original screenplay Oscar for Coppola and received an acting nomination for Murray.

On the Rocks tells the story of a young mom in New York with doubts about her marriage. She then goes on an adventure with her adventure with her dad, replicating the old/young dynamic of Lost in Translation, albeit with a familial element.

So far, the movie has received positive reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes it has a critical score of 87 percent from 77 critical reviews. The consensus reads: “On the Rocks isn’t as potent as its top-shelf ingredients might suggest, but the end result still goes down easy — and offers high proof of Bill Murray’s finely aged charm.”

Coming soon to Apple TV+

Debuting On the Rocks in theaters is, this year, pretty much a formality. Even Tenet, director Christopher Nolan’s latest blockbuster, pulled in only $3.4 million in the United States last weekend. While theaters have opened up again, many people are largely staying away. However, screening movies in theaters is also necessary for Oscar eligibility — and, if previous reports are to be believed, that’s something Apple’s very, very keen on. (It probably also helps placate filmmakers who don’t want to see their movie go straight to VOD.)

On the Rocks will arrive on Apple TV+ on October 23, just three weeks from now. This is the first of two movies Sofia Coppola is working on for Apple. The second project will be an adaptation of Edith Wharton’s The Custom of the Country.

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