If You’re a U.K. Healthcare Worker, You Can Play ‘Surgeon Simulator 2’ for Free

Surgeon Simulator 2 game screenshot
Bossa Studios

Would you like to play a game that’s all about doing your job? I can’t say it appeals to me—lucky there’s no game called Technology Blogger Simulator. (Yet, anyway—the day is young.) But if you work for the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, you can play a few rounds of Surgeon Simulator 2 for free.

The offer comes from developer Bossa Studios, which has made the PC version of the game available for doctors, nurses, and other workers in the NHS until October 22nd. All you have to do is submit your name and a working NHS email address to this form, and you can download Surgeon Simulator 2 from the Epic Game Store on the house. Normally it’s $25.

Surgeon Simulator is a gory physics game, more akin to Operation than any actual surgery. But it’s beloved as a bleak comedy game, especially now that the sequel includes an actual storyline and multiplayer co-op. Just don’t play it if you’re squeamish, as it’s possible to take someone’s head off and roll it around the operating theater like a bowling ball. I’m almost positive that’s never happened in a real hospital.

Source: The Verge