Star Wars, Marvel, and other Disney movies get free 4K upgrade in iTunes

“These are the 4K upgrades you’re looking for.”
Photo: Epic Games

An assortment of Disney movies are now available in 4K HDR quality on iTunes. If you’ve not bought them already, the movies can be purchased for the same price as their previous HD counterparts. If you’ve previously purchased the HD version, it will be automatically upgraded to 4K for free.

This includes the Star Wars movies, much of the Marvel catalog, various Pixar and Disney films — and more being added all the time.

Apple introduced the 4K free upgrade back in 2017, at the same time it introduced the fifth generation Apple TV 4K. It was a nifty treat for customers that didn’t require them to spend a single additional penny to get better versions of many of the movies they’d previously purchased. When it happened I wrote that, “All the big studios with the exception of Disney have so far signed an agreement with Apple to offer 4K content.”

Three years later, Disney has finally joined them. In retrospect, it seems that, even in 2017, Disney was prepping to launch its own video on demand service, which became Disney+. Being able to offer the highest quality versions of its movies as an exclusive was considered a unique selling point. For whatever reason, it’s now decided to no longer keep these as Disney+ exclusives.

While Disney+ is grabbing more and more subscribers all the time, this is great news if you’re someone who likes to own their media outright. It’s even better if you’ve bought any of these movies previously since you essentially get a free upgrade.

To download the 4K movies, simply search for the Disney movie of your choice in the iTunes Store. 4K should show up on the download options where available.

Via: Apple Insider