This Outlandish Concept Turns Your iPhone into a Magic Mouse

Apple is all set to unveil the new iPhone 12 series later this month. We have seen several iPhone 12 concepts, and the latest one is perhaps the most outlandish. Concept design on Instagram shows how a pop-out attached to the back of the iPhone can turn it into a magic mouse.

The small accessory latches itself to the back of the iPhone and can turn an old iPhone into Magic Mouse. The video by Yanko Design is just a concept, and you might never get to see it in reality. But again, concepts are all about stretching ones imagination.

The accessory you see in the concept is an actual gadget. It is called “PopSockets” and is used as a grip to hold your iPhone and prevent from slipping. Furthermore, the PopSockets also acts as an expanding stand for iPhone’s. The concept reimagines PopSockets with an optical sensor and iPhone virtual buttons that look similar to physical ones on Magic Mouse. When pressure is applied, the accessory collapses, and you will be able to use the iPhone as a mouse. It can also be used as a stand-in case you want to watch movies or consume any content.

Yanko Design has done a decent job of designing the accessory. It looks like an actual Apple accessory and color schemes that go along. You can use swipe gestures on display and turn it off whenever you dont require the mouse functionality. That being said, we are not sure about the ergonomics offered by an iPhone-Magic Mouse hybrid.

Apple is expected to pull the wraps from iPhone 12 series at an event this month. Alongside iPhone 12, the company is also speculated to unveil the much-rumored AirTags, and the AirPods Studio.

[via Instagram]

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