You Can Now Search Spotify for Songs by Lyrics

A Laptop with the Spotify app open.

Have you ever wanted to listen to a song you remember hearing once or twice, but didn’t know the name? Spotify can help now, as long as you remember some of the words. You can now search for songs by lyrics, from desktop, web, or app.

The news comes through a tweet from one of Spotify’s engineers.

We’ve tested, and it already works whether you’re on desktop, browser, or app with the latest updates. Instead of searching by song or artist, you can type in a few words from the lyrics you remember. As long as you’re reasonably accurate, it works reasonably well.

For anyone who has ever forgotten the name of the song (and isn’t that everyone?), the feature should be extremely helpful. Apple Music listeners already have a similar feature, but other streaming services don’t (yet).

Spotify also launched a pair of new Weekly Charts lists tracking the top 50 songs streamed in the past week in the U.S. and globally.

The Weekly Charts will update every Monday.